Learn to Sail Youth Programs

The Learn to Sail (LTS) programs are based upon the levels developed by Sail Canada (formerly the Canadian Yachting Association – CYA). In 2012, updated standards were introduced and trialed in select programs throughout Canada. The Sarnia Yacht Club Sail Training programs adapted the new CANSail standards in 2013. We will no longer offer the former White/Bronze & Silver Sail programs. Please see the CANSail placement/course selection guide when selecting this year’s programs.

Student Evaluations – Information about Achieving Levels

Traditionally the SYC Sailing School has set a high standard of achievement for its students to insure they move through the levels with confidence and have mastered the required base skills. Many of the current instructors frequently repeated levels to meet the program requirements. As students’ progress through the various levels, the standards become more challenging and skill specific. The new CANSail levels in addition to introducing new skills to the student, also further develop/advance skills learned in previous levels. See the CANSail progress report for new program content.

Recently instructors felt parental pressure to complete the enrolled level in one session. This has created some serious concerns, as students in advanced levels were unable to demonstrate the perquisite skills – especially when some of their skills were necessary to sail independently on Lake Huron.

Please accept and appreciate that not all students will achieve the required skills in a level on the first attempt. As students progress through the national standards the skill requirements become progressively more complex. It is our goal to insure students can consistently demonstrate the required skills of the level being undertaken – a student that does not consistently demonstrate the required skill(s) does not fail – the student has simply not completed all the skill sets for the level, and the level remains in progress.