Sarnia Yacht Club History

A Brief History of the Sarnia Yacht Club
The Sarnia Yacht Club was formed in 1930 and received it's Charter 1932 with a membership of 125. The following excerpts from the original charter define the purpose and objectives of the club: "to promote, organize, conduct and manage a yacht. aquatic and social club for the welfare of the members thereof... to encourage yacht regattas and other competitions and to offer, grant or contribute to, become a member of and cooperate with other associations... whose objectives are... similar to those of the corporation.
The original location was in Sarnia Bay at the foot of London Road where boats were kept on moorings. The need soon dictated that a move take place to a portion of the Sarnia Elevator Co. property at the end of Exmouth Street. This location proved very successful and led to a rapid growth in membership. By 1958 the Club had outgrown these facilities necessitating the move to the present location on Lake Huron. It is with pride that each member of the Sarnia Yacht Club enjoys the natural beauty of Lake Huron and the Club that they have built.

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